The Worship Leadership Institute (WLI) is a 3-in-1 class specifically designed for the Pastor, Worship Leader and Ministry Leader. There are many roles and responsibilities involved with being a leader in ministry. WLI helps to prepare and make the leader aware of the current needs of worship and ministry today. The course is a total of 8 weeks. WLI is offered completely online.


Location:        Online via Zoom App

Date & Time:  April 9th – June 4th on Tuesdays from 6:30pm - 8:00pm

Registration:  $100 per person (Click on the “Giving” Tab on the top Right)

WLI Provides: WLI Course Notes & Documents, Personal Mentorship, Networking, Leadership Resources, and Worship Team Resources

NOTE: The Book Study Text is required for the course, and can be purchased on by searching:

How to Worship A King by Zach Neese


COURSE 1: The Roles of the Worshiper

This course helps prepare the leader with the roles that they play both on and off the platform. This course will broaden the mentality and perspective of the leader and their current position as both a worshiper and a leader.

Topics include:

- The Identity of the Worshiper

- Biblical & Practical perspective of worship and leadership

COURSE 2: Organizational Leadership

This course equips and resources the leader with administrative and inter-departmental concepts for leadership and team development. 

Topics Include:

- Administration

- Leadership Development

- Worship & Music Development

COURSE 3: Book Study

This course gives biblical insight for the leader and their spiritual role as Christian leaders inside and outside of the church. Each leader is assigned specific chapters to read and summarize to the class. 

TEXT: How to Worship a King by Zach Neese

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