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Book Recommendations


Books for Ministerial Development




Encounters with God: Transforming Your Bible Study by Norman Blackaby

Blackaby provides a great and simple description of studying the bible through hermeneutics. This text gives good examples of what study the bible really is and does for the believer’s life and witness.

Devotional Classic: Selected Readings for Individuals and Groups by Richard Foster

Foster offers a good amount of personal devotionals as well as scriptural references that make for good discussions and studies for cell groups and individual studies.

Pure Praise: A Heart-Focused Bible Study on Worship by Dwayne Moore

Moore offers a study of worship for a corporate or individual setting that brings matters closer to the heart of the believer as well focus to God’s desire for us to worship him. Moore presents the purity of worship as a challenge to all believer’s to partake in.




Turning Points: Decisive Moments in the History of Christianity by Mark Noll

Noll offers great insight into the history of Christians from the early church to today’s modern church. He presents perspectives from well known theologians of the past that enhance each periods Christian history.




Evangelism is by Dave Earley and David Wheeler Earley

Earley and Wheeler passionately share the ministry of evangelism and how to properly execute evangelism to a world in need of a Savior. Through biblical principles and perspective this read is an excellent source for stirring up the witness in all of us.

The Art of Personal Evangelism by Will McRaney Jr.

McRaney gives biblical accounts and personal accounts of evangelism and explains how to effectively witness as a believer and not merely share your testimony but in fact lead someone to Christ.

The Great Commission to Worship: Biblical Principles for Worship-Based Evangelism by David Wheeler and Vernon Whaley.

Wheeler and Whaley do a great job in this text in explaining the relationship of worship and evangelism in the believer’s life. It is a book on how and why the believer witnesses and is to spread the Gospel. In turn that is actual worship.




The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson

 Batterson’s book gives great insight around praying hedges and protection around dream and coming against fears in life and ministry. Batterson offers good tips on prayer and the purposes of those prayers as spiritual warfare against the enemy’s tactics. Batterson challenges the reader and believer to stay steadfast in prayer for your dreams.

Forgotten God: Reversing our Tragic neglect of the Holy Spirit by Francis Chan

 Chan in this text explains the need to reverence and listen to the Holy Spirit. He gives account of the non-response to the Holy Spirit and ignoring the Holy Spirit. Chan is passionate about bring the believer back to listening and moving in accordance with the Holy Spirit.

The Heart Revolution: Experience the power of a turned heart by Sergio De La Mora

 De La Mora does a great job in his book in explaining the need for the body of Christ to completely turn to the things of God, and it starts inward from the heart and goes outward. The Heart is being attacked by the things of this world, and the believer needs to be revived.

Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster

 Foster’s text gives convicting accounts of the disciplines that are necessary in a believer’s life in order that he or she may live a life that is fully consecrated unto God and His work. Foster list and describes disciplines that are simple to do and yet life-changing at the same time.

Unqualified by Steven Furtick

 Furtick gives an account of hearing his name being related to the word “unqualified” by a modern and popular theologian on television one day. From this account Furtick does well in his attempts to explain the very reason why believer’s are unqualified to do what they do, but yet by the grace and mercy of God, God has allowed us to worship him, live for him, and do his work because He loves us and He knows we are capable of doing the work.

Christian Ethics: Contemporary Issues & Options by Norman L. Geisler

 This read is definitely an excellent academic read for the believer. Geisler gives accounts and examples of ethical and moral issues from a Christian’s standpoint and even play advocate as a great challenge to the reader’s thoughts per chapter and section. 

The Christian Atheist by Craig Groeschel

 Groeschel does a great job at explaining and convicting the reader of how Christian’s today go through the motions as Christians but are not effectively living out their lives as Christians should according to biblical principles. This is a very passionate and convicting read.

 Holy Discontent: Fueling the Fire that Ignites Personal Vision by Bill Hybels

 Hybels does a great job in presenting the necessity of being discontent with where you are, not in the sense of unhappy, but more of a hunger and desire for the things of God with a greater passion in your heart and spirit. A spiritual drive is definitely a necessity in ministry.

Instinct: The Power to unleash your unborn drive by T.D. Jakes

 Jakes challenges the reader to look inside one’s self and determine what their instinct is, What’s makes them tick? What makes them who they are? What drives them from their inner most core? For the believer it should be God. What drives you to do what you do in life and in ministry?

Reposition Yourself: Living Life Without Limits by T.D. Jakes

 Jakes challenges the reader to reposition their thoughts and mentality to another level of thinking. He challenges you to reposition your current situation and determine how can this be improved or be better.

The Present Future: Six Tough Questions for the Church by Reggie McNeal

McNeal challenges the church worker, ministry person, and believer to challenge themselves to do church according to the Word of God. McNeal brings 6 questions that will challenge, motivate, and change the way you do church today and for the future.

The Blessed Church: The simple secret to growing the Church you love by Robert Morris 

Morris offers great and simple insight into the life of a Church and its ministries and what it takes to make the church run effectively and bless and honor God in the process. Morris takes practical ministry from a large church mentality and breaks down the success points for the reader to comprehend and apply.

Funding Your Ministry: An In-depth, Biblical Guide for Successfully Raising Personal Support by Scott Morton

 This is a great read by Morton that gives the reader insight in effective fundraising for ministries, missions, or any church desiring to grow financially. Morton gives a very practical, fun, and attainable approach to raising funds for ministry endeavors without making the reader feel ashamed for asking. Morton makes it easy and effective.

Knowing God by J.I. Packer

 This award winning book and author, Packer, gives great and biblical detail as to knowing God and why developing a personal relationship with God is so important and needed for all mankind, but especially the believer. Going deeper in your relationship with God is the key to knowing more about Him.




The Dip: The Little Book that Teaches You When to Quit (And When to Stick) by Seth Godin

Seth offers some very practical advice for leaders for knowing when to keep doing something that works and when to call it quits on something that is not working. Seth offers a very simple approach to this thought process and makes it applicable to the leader.

It: How Churches and Leaders can get IT and keep IT by Craig Groeschel

 Groeschel’s church planting experience and expertise gives him clout with this text. “It” allows the church leaders to get a greater perspective on keeping the momentum going and growing for their ministries and churches.

Maxwell, John C. The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth: Live them and reach your potential by John Maxwell

 Maxwell yet again leaves the reader wanting to grow in their leadership and mentality. These 15 laws of growth are not only attainable but they are excellent reminders for the leader to hit the mental reload button in their minds and to keep going and growing.

The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership: Follow them and People will follow you by John Maxwell

 This classic Maxwell book should be in everyone’s personal library to peruse over and over every year. These powerful yet practical laws are easy to comprehend and provide a great leadership compass for direction for any leader.

Teamwork 101: What every Leader needs to Know by John Maxwell

Maxwell offers a very practical and short read for teamwork and how a leader should properly execute teamwork in order for it to be effective. This is an easy yet motivating read for all leaders to enjoy. You can read it in about as much time as it takes to drink a small cup of coffee. 

The 360 Degree Leader: Developing your leadership from anywhere in the Organization by John Maxwell

 This read by Maxwell is an excellent source for a leader to learn to lead from anywhere in their profession, ministry, or organization. It challenges the reader to make those connections and build the relationships needed to make things happen on any level of leadership alongside your co-workers, peers, and supervisors. This is a great read for motivation for the leader.

Leadership: Theory and Practice (Seventh edition) by Peter Northouse

Northouse explains different types of leaders in his book. This is an academic read of sorts, but it will challenge the reader to understand their role as a leader and what type of leader they may be or desire to be. It will motivate your leadership capacity and help you to expand that capacity at the same time.

 EntreLeadership by Dave Ramsey

Ramsey is a financial planning pioneer for today. In this book he presents practical and motivating direction for leaders in business or any profession from the times of hard knocks to the light at the end of the tunnel and the some. This read will motivate you to want to lead with progression always in mind.

Next Generation Leader: Five Essentials for those who will shape the future by Andy Stanley

Andy gives some great advice to the reader and leader for next generation leaders and those that oversee next generation leaders. In this book, Andy gives some practical and biblical advice to the young leader in how to stay motivated and keep developing as a leader while serving the older generation of today.

11 Innovations in the Local Church by Elmer Towns, Ed Stetzer, Warren Bird

Towns, Stetzer, and Bird present some different scenarios of today's church that leaders should be aware of. They challenge today’s church leaders to be aware of the new and next generational approaches to church and doing church in the contemporary church.

Jesus on Leadership: Timeless wisdom on servant leadership by Gene C. Wilkes

Wilkes presents great teachings on servant leadership and why leaders should follow this Jesus model of leadership in their lives and ministries. Wilkes lays out some very basic yet challenging concepts to servant leadership that will encourage the leader to serve in a greater capacity as Jesus served.




Multiply: Disciples making Disciples by Francis Chan

Chan challenges the reader and believer to discipleship. He lays out basic fundamentals of discipleship in his book and challenges the reader and believer to raise up new disciples and continue the process without ceasing as it is a biblical perspective that should always be practiced

Mentoring 101: What every Leader needs to Know by John Maxwell

Maxwell lays out very simple and practical tips for mentoring others. This mentoring book is a small read but its contents are of great value to any leader to guide them in the mentoring process on any level.

Connecting: The Mentoring relationships you need to succeed in life by Paul D. Stanley and J. Robert Clinton

Stanley and Clinton do a great job in developing the mentoring process as a whole. Their explanation and descriptions help to solidify the value of mentoring and the relationships that are built through mentoring and how it can be a process through the generations. This is a great read for any person who is currently a mentor or will be mentoring in the future.




Worship 365: The Power of a Worshipping Life by David M. Edwards

Edward’s book is a great read on the life of worship that never stops but is constant every day of the year. Edwards gives reasons why this worship lifestyle is important for the Christian and how it can be effective in their relationship with God and life in general.

Enter His Courts with Praise: Old Testament Worship for the New Testament Church by Andrew E. Hill

Hill offers a unique approach to worship as he presents old testament truths for the New testament church for worship. Hill takes the reader on a journey of worship in the old testament and how it can be applied for the church that practices worship mostly taken from a new testament perspective. He does not dismiss or disagree with either Testament only to show that the old testament still has lasting impressions and biblical perspective that are useful for the modern church.

Worship Matters: Leading others to Encounter the Greatness of God by Bob Kauflin

 Kauflin challenges the reader to lead congregations and individuals in their worship experiences to another level of encountering the presence and greatness of God. Kauflin explores these encounters and leaves the reader with the opportunity to do the same and develop this with their congregations as worship leaders.

Emerging Worship: Creating Worship Gatherings for New Generations by Dan Kimball

 Kimball presents new concepts in the modern contemporary church settings of today. Gearing towards the next generation vernacular, Kimball uses “gatherings” and “experiences” as opposed to services for the modern church today. Emerging in today’s church world is the need for more next generation worship.

The Purpose and Power of Praise and Worship by Myles Munroe

The late Dr. Myles Munroe gives great biblical insight to the power that is unleashed when we praise and worship our God. He also explains the purpose and reasons for the power that is being unleashed at we worship God corporately and individually. 

The Complete Worship Leader by Kevin J. Navarro

 This read is one of my favorites as Navarro lays out different roles that are involved in being a worship leader/pastor. There are many hats that a worship leader wears and Navarro allows you to understand those roles in the event that the worship leader might need to step into that specified role. Great read and highly recommended to all worship leaders and senior pastors.

How to Worship a King by Zach Neese

 Neese give an awesome description of the role of the worshiper from biblical perspectives and references. This book will challenge not only the worship leader, musician, or singer but also the believer to take the time to understand their role as worshipers of the Most High.

 Perspectives on Christian Worship: 5 Views by Matthew Pinson

 Pinson’s book gives the reader 5 challenging views on Christian worship, and how each of them fits into different churches today. Some are traditional in perspective and others are more contemporary. Nonetheless Pinson leaves you with a conviction of implanting both into your service song set list and repertoire.

The Heart of Worship Files by Matt Redman

 This read is comprised of small chapters that tell stories or personal testimonies of the life of a worshiper as well as the heart of the worshiper. Redman includes an array of worshiper leaders to share in this insight of the heart of worship which makes for an interesting read as the reader is always getting different perspectives throughout the book.

The Great Worship Awakening: Singing A New Song in the Postmodern Church by Robb Redman

 Redman touches on postmodernity in this text. He also brings out the purposes of bringing in the “new” to the church and why it is important to do so. Redman challenges the worshiper to always be relevant yet spirit led. New songs and old hymns minister well together.

Worship Through the Ages by Elmer L. Towns and Vernon M. Whaley

 Towns and Whaley touch on theologians, preachers, and ministers of the past and the present and how they have helped shaped the worship cultures through periods and eras past and to now. This read challenges the worshiper to seek God for personal and corporate revival and awakening once again.

Can’t wait for Sunday: Leading Your Congregation in Authentic Worship by Michael Walter

 Walter gives practical advice and wisdom to the worship leader in how to effectively lead your congregation not only in Sunday service worship, but weekly worship as well. This read is motivating and challenging at the same time.

Worship Old and New by Robert E. Webber

Webber who is known for his theology in worship gives a great descriptions of worship from the early church to now, but lays out excellent biblical references for each period. He expounds on each component of worship for the both the old and new testament and in today’s church.

Called to Worship: From the Dawn of Creation to the Final Amen by Vernon M. Whaley

Whaley gives an exhaustive approach and teaching in this text towards Worship from the early church to today’s church. In this read Whaley lays out how the church worshiped and how the church worships today, both in biblical context.

The Dynamics of Corporate Worship. 2nd ed. by Vernon M. Whaley

Whaley presents a very practical and simplistic perspective to corporate worship while challenging the worship leader to effectively administer biblical worship to the congregation and the worship ministry.

Real Worship: Playground, Battle Ground, or Holy Ground by Warren W. Wiersbe

Wiersbe gives the reader the challenge to worship God through authenticity rather than complacency. He brings conviction to the reader with His evangelical views and perspectives on real worship in the modern and contemporary church world.