We work to build up the spiritual person in you through confidence building and integral growth.


We work to provide you with resources and literature to facilitate mental, social, musical, and creative growth.


Tad Ruiz- Founder | Team Consultant | Worship Leadership Institute (WLI) Instructor

Tad is the owner and founder of Adoration Seminars, where he serves to develop, structure and educate worship leaders and teams. He has been leading worship for over 16 years for various churches and ministries, and currently serves as the worship pastor for Iglesia Del Pueblo in Mission, Texas. Tad serves as Editor-in-Chief for www.mynextgen.org, a coaching and mentoring ministry and program that serves to build and raise up the next generation of ministry leadersTad holds a Bachelor's degree in Music from Southwestern Assemblies of God University, and a Master's degree in Worship Leadership from Dallas Baptist University. He is currently working on his first worship album. He is also writing his first book on worship ministry and leadership. Tad is also the founder of the Worship Leadership Institute (WLI) in McAllen, Texas where he serves to educate worship pastors and leaders in their roles, responsibilities and crafts as leaders both on and off the platform.  Tad and his wife, Lizette, reside in Mission, Texas.


Lizette Ruiz - Administrator | Consultant

Lizette came to have a personal encounter with Jesus Christ at the age of 8. She began singing at the age of 5. From a very young age, she knew God had set her apart for Him. She began serving in her local church with the general worship team at the age of 12 and with the youth worship team at the age of 15. At the age of 20, she went to study music and bible in CCDMAC (now Instituto CanZion), Pastor Marcos Witt’s school that was located in Durango, Mexico at the time. Two years after that, she served for 5 years as the co-founder and director, administrative coordinator, and one of the worship leaders and teachers for Instituto CanZion McAllen, located in Mission, Texas. She then moved to Sacramento, California for a year, where she was a voice and bible teacher for Instituto CanZion Sacramento and the administrative coordinator for 4 Instituto CanZion schools (Sacramento, San José, Los Angeles and San Diego). She is currently serving as a worship pastor alongside her husband, Tad Ruiz, at Iglesia del Pueblo in Mission, Texas – the church where her parents, Apostles Juan and Rosie de la Garza have served faithfully as pastors for almost 29 years. She has had the opportunity to preach and lead worship at her church, as well as in several conferences in the US and outside the US. Her greatest joy in life is to serve Christ and serve others, on and off the platform. Her greatest satisfaction is seeing the body of Christ understand what it truly means to worship – what it truly means to completely surrender their lives to Christ, not only at church, but outside of the church, living each and every moment for the glory of God. Her goal and mission in life: to be like John the Baptist...to prepare the way so He can come! (John 3:30) 

Anthony Milligan - Guitar Instructor |Guitar Classes

Anthony R. Milligan has been in elementary education for the past 5 years as a teacher. He has been involved in music and children's ministry at his church now for more than 10 years. Anthony began his musical journey playing the cello in Orchestra. He currently plays acoustic and electric guitar at his church. He has been a worship leader for 6 years, and currently serves as the music director for The Pentecostal Church in San Benito, Texas.